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Montrose: When Is the Perfect Time to Visit This Beautiful Colorado Town

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Montrose is a beautiful historic town of Colorado, located on the Western Slope of Rocky Mountains. The town serves as one of the best spots for a base camp around the year. In fact, the city even made it to the list of “Top 200 Towns for Outdoorsmen” in 2010, and why not, after all the city is surrounded by massive public lands where tourists can engage in endless varieties of outdoor activities.

Now, whether you are planning a vacation to Montrose, or just passing by, it is worth spending a few days in the town. Furthermore, by staying at Red Arrow Inn, you will be just a few minutes from Colorado’s prime recreational attractions and scenic locations.

For those who are planning their 2020 vacations in Montrose, here are a few details about the climatic conditions of the town and when is the best time to visit…

Best time to visit Montrose:

Montrose is known to have 2 types of climates – the semi-arid and the continental. The summers here are warm and clear, whereas winters are freezing and cloudy, and mostly it is dry throughout the year.

Around the year, the temperature is pretty much between – 16°F to 88°F. It doesn’t drop below 3°F or goes above 94°F. The city receives about 220 mm of rain every year, and is absolutely dry for about 214 days with a 54% of humidity.

Based on the tourism score, the best time to visit this mesmerizing town is from June to September. You will receive a pleasant and warm temperature as well as face very limited rainfall.

The highest recorded temperature of Montrose is 29°C in July and the lowermost is 1°C in January. Typically, the climate is suitable for both – outdoor activities and winter sports.

The hot season usually last for 3.5 months – from last week of May to mid of September. The cold season lasts for 2.9 months – from last week of November to February. You can expect the snowfalls from around November to March.

The length of the day keeps on varying around the year. The shortest day of 2019 was 21st December, and it was 9 hours and 29 minutes long. However, the longest one was 21st June, and it was 14 hours and 51 minutes long.

Well, there you go. Now you pretty much know all the climatic conditions of Montrose. So, wait no more, a relaxing weekend in a beautiful city is waiting for you.

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